ANI-MASH UP (2016)

Ani-Mash Up” is a collection of animated sketches released in April 2016. It was created to accommodate ideas for animations that were too short or too weak to support their own video. It’s partially inspired by the popular internet series “asdfmovie“, created by TomSka and animated by various animators over the years.

After the success of “Star Wars: Infinity War“, I wanted to continue with my animation quality increasing. Infinity War was a major step forward, and Ani-Mash Up was my next major step. This video tried to incorporate different styles of people, comedy, voice acting, etc. I did most of the voices, but I also figured out how to download sound effects and particular lines I wanted to use, and was able to edit them in easier. Plus, the short format of each sketch helped with my own productivity; having the mentality that I was simply stockpiling multiple shorter sketches helped me get through it mentally, rather than having the looming impression that I was making one continuous animation.

Ani-Mash Up was also the origin of an infamous frame associated with my brand, which I call the “Brendon Frame”. It’s essentially a smear frame in an animated segment parodying a lyric from a Panic! at the Disco song, of which Brendon Urie is lead singer. In the segment, he makes a rapid movement, leaving a space open for a smear frame. The result from that was a disfigured mouth, arms all over the place, and eyes acting strangely. I shared the frame onto my pages, and became rather fond of it. Thus, I used it for about a 9 months as a mascot of sorts.