Bruce and Peter’s Excellent Adventure” is a comedy time-travel animation created for a final piece in Art Multimedia, under the theme of “Transformation”.

The theme of this animation is to show how the style of comic books, in terms of characters and their designs, have changed over the years. So to create an animation that best shows this, I show two of the most iconic superheroes traveling through time, with their costumes changing as they go. For this, I did extensive research into which suits were most iconic for different ages of comic books, from the silver age, to the bronze, then ending off with modern age costumes.

This animation was the first to use a symbol containing different mouth shapes for lip-sync, instead of having static mouths or drawing each and every mouth individually; this was a midway point between the two. I created separate mouth shapes on different blank keyframes within a symbol in Adobe Animate, and dragged the symbol into the document each time someone spoke.