evolution (2017)

evolution” is essentially a timeline of all my main featured animations, starting with “The Cartooniverse” in 2013, and leading up to recent works like “The Can” in 2017, and “Captain Overreaction” in 2018 (the video has the date for that video before it was pushed back). It’s all being displayed while a piano cover of “Losing You” by Randy Newman is playing.

In the corner, I show the title of the video, and the year of release. In a few cases, I had to come up with brand new names, since they had names like “NoahIdeaFilms Christmas Special 2013”. I wanted each animation to have it’s own unique title, and not have it’s identity be anchored down to the channel. So in the case I gave, i changed the title to “Sleighride Joyride“.

The main point of this video is to show how my animation has evolved over the course of 4 years, hence the title being “evolution“. My animations have inarguably come a long way since 2013, with the earliest animations either using static images using ken burns or movements at 4 frames a second. Comparing a video like “The Can” or “Star Wars: Ocarina of Time” is going to be objectively better, in terms of animation quality, to something like “The Cartooniverse” or “LOLWHUT“.