Star Wars: Infinity War” is a parody trailer animation for the fictional 8th installment of the Star Wars saga, with a subtitle borrowed from the third “Avengers” film. The main joke of this animation is to try and cram as many non-Star Wars characters into Star Wars as possible, which explains the appearances of Iron Man, The Doctor, Bill Cipher, etc.

This video was made over the course of two months, between October 2015 and December 2015, and was my largest scale video at the time. It all stemmed from a sketch I had produced in September of the same year, depicting Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) challenging Kylo Ren within the Star Wars universe.

I tried to touch as many bases as I could with this video, in terms of characters. I have included characters from many of my favourite franchises, and tried to incorporate them into scenes which involve Star Wars in some way. For example, let’s use the running example of Iron Man. His scene involves Kylo Ren, gloating about the success of his 2nd Starkiller Base. Unknown to him, Iron Man has flown up to the station. He shoots it, blowing it up like every other Star Wars movie does. These types of scenes are given to characters from video games (e.g. Chell from Portal), movies (e.g. Elsa from Frozen), TV shows (e.g. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls) and comic books (e.g. The Flash from DC).