Star Wars: Ocarina of Time” is a parody trailer for a fictional 9th installment of the Star Wars saga, and a sequel to my 2015 animation “Star Wars: Infinity War“. What sets this video apart from it’s predecessor is the fact that it’s crafted more like a modern day movie trailer, whereas Star Wars: Infinity War was designed to be reminiscent of trailers from the 70s and 80s.

A lot of characters and concepts from the original return, including Iron Man (albeit in a new armour), the Canadian First Order, the Daleks, and so on. However, since these Star Wars videos try to incorporate all my fandoms at the time of their creation, I had to include new material that I didn’t know about before, or that I missed the first time. The biggest example of this is with the Hamilton section. Since the first video, I’ve become a big fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s biographical musical about Alexander Hamilton, so I wanted a section of the video to be dedicated to the musical, and the portrayal of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr in the original cast.

This video was one of my first public video releases to be created primarily using Adobe products, with the animation being produced in Adobe Animate CC, and the editing being done in Premiere Pro CS6. The audio mixing was done in Audacity, where I produced soundscapes for individual scenes, animating with the audio as timing references.