This video shows the development of “The Can”, my first full animation created exclusively using the Adobe suite. It was created as an Art Multimedia final piece, regarding the theme “Objects and Viewpoints”. I started the animatic in late December 2016, and was produced over the course of 2 weeks. Spread around the animatic are notes that I would use later on, regarding to when I did the final animation, when I recorded dialogue, and when I sound mixed the music & sound effects.

While producing the final animation, I did make some changes from the animatic. Most notably, the line from the Can itself, stating “what has my life come to”. I felt like there was a space for a joke, given that the video was meant to be a comedy.

story plan
Starting with “Captain Overreaction“, I’ve personally started a new method of story structure. By no means is it an original idea, but I’ve found that it helps me keep on track in terms of storyline and workload. I write down the primary plot beats in order, then draw arrows showing how each one relates to each other. Usually this is the act of going from one scene to the next. Then, I’ll write down any key jokes I want to tell, leading off from other scenes, or in the middle of two scenes. Then when a scene has been fully animated and soundscaped, I can cross it off and move onto my next scene.